The Flash

The Flash - Season 2 - Episode 1

Episode 1Aired 06 Oct 2015

The Man Who Saved Central City



Grant Gustin, Robbie Amell, Demore Barnes, Violett Beane


Six months after the Flash and his friends stop the Singularity, Central City holds a rally in the speedster's honor. However, Barry doesn't want to go given the sacrifice that was made by the true hero. Meanwhile, a new metahuman, Atom Smasher, sets out to kill the Flash.

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Bobby Brown

The Flash has, and always be my favorite superhero and I was let down by the season opener. Doom to the Atom Smasher!

Bobby Brown @bobby05045382 - 26 Apr 2016

I was very disappointed to learn of the death (second one) of Ronnie. Really liked the chemistry he had with other characters but will be interesting to see what happens with Firestorm now.

João Carlos Teixeira @Vilaca_LFC - 29 Jan 2016


I only started watching this show because my husband wanted to watch it. However, it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I'm excited to find out more about Zoom. He is one creepy looking character!

Nik0878 @ohsooorandom - 14 Dec 2015

Alex Holdstock

I was expecting a huge intro to this episode and the second season, due to the events that closed out season one. But it simply started out 6 months later, where the huge cliffhanger that the first season ended on was just a distant memory. It was a great opening episode, but I expected more

Alex Holdstock @randomgeekydad - 02 Dec 2015


Always loved the Flash as a kid, and seeing it turned into an actual show is great. The doctor is a very interesting man and Flash's backstory is also very interesting.

NavigoDesigns @NavigoDesigns - 14 Nov 2015

In The Midwest

The story line about the doctor is intriguing. Makes me want to keep watching just to find out what happens!

In The Midwest @ALoveForTravel - 15 Oct 2015