Frequently Asked Questions

What is this thing?
Viyoo is a social TV platform where you can chat about your favourite TV shows with other fans. Find out more about us here.

Where does your name come from?
The name Viyoo is taken from the word 'view' which represented the concept of the site well - you view a show and then share your view with others. We went for a quirky spelling to make the name a little more interesting!

My favourite show isn't here! Can you add it?
Send us a message using our contact page and we'll see what we can do!

Can I chat about anything?
Please keep your conversation to the specific show and episode, and no spoilers!

Someone just posted a spoiler, what can I do?
Please report the comment ASAP! We will find the culprit and let's just say their run on this network will be short-lived! Same for spammers and bullies!

What do you need access to my Twitter account?
We integrate with Twitter for the account sign up/login to save you the hassle of filling in a boring form so we need access to your Twitter account to do this. Rest assured, we won't ever do anything without your explicit permission!

Why was my post removed?
If a post has been reported multiple times, we will automatically hide it until we can investigate. If it was reported incorrectly, it will be back ASAP!