The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1Aired 31 Oct 2010

Days Gone Bye



Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden


After being shot, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes awakes to find the world overrun by the undead.

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Matt Paolone

Just watched this episode again the other day. I can't believe how young Glenn was! He was like the little kid from Indiana Jones! He has grown in every possible way since the first episode.

Matt Paolone @mjpaolonexx - 26 Apr 2016


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Okay so as much as this show creeps me out and has me thinking a real zombie apocalypse may occur , I absolutely love it.

PrincessOfJan21 @TaneshaLeTia_ - 16 Feb 2016

Cole McCarty

I am going to be honest: I really didnt think i was going to enjoy this after I watched the very first I cant wait for it to start back up again and I love it!!

Cole McCarty @ColePatrick_ - 08 Feb 2016

My first impression of this show was, what is going on? It lead to me to other episodes that got me on my toes. Really great show!

Jethro Torres @rozetom - 06 Feb 2016


Great episode very intence and in depth this particular one let's you know a lot about this show all hats down

Grey86 @Greyyyy86 - 04 Feb 2016


When I first saw The Walking Dead, I didn't know what to think. I held off until the first season was out and the binge watched until I was left wanting more. The character's development and their interactions with the outside world couldn't be better, and the special effects leave me wanting more. Topped off by an incredible story and you've got one for the history books. I would recommend it to anyone!

Dave @MusingsOfDave - 17 Jan 2016

Winston Bui

This episode is the reason why I even started watching the The Walking Dead! The episode gave me the chills of how good it was. In my opinion the episode was really well made and thought through and it is one of the best introduction episode for any shows period.

Winston Bui @FunnyGuy871 - 14 Jan 2016

Personally, I think that this is one of the best starts to a show so far. I love how they set the post-apocalyptic scenario but don't reveal too many characters at once. I find it a terrible shame that the show couldn't sustain the quality in later seasons.

Hexxie @itsHexCS - 10 Jan 2016

Just watched this episode and I must say it was awesome! I am so excited to watch more! I love the creepiness of the show! Definitely worth a watch!

Alex Trial @Alextrial232 - 08 Jan 2016

Hannah Valore

I actually didn't like this episode until the very end. It seemed to move slowly and I didn't understand exactly what predicament Rick was in, but when he reached Atlanta I wanted to see what happened next.

Hannah Valore @AnaBea101 - 02 Jan 2016