Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - Season 3 - Episode 9

Episode 9Aired 02 Jun 2013

The Rains of Castamere



Kit Harington, Iain Glen, Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden


Robb and Catelyn arrive at the Twins for the wedding. Jon is put to the test to see where his loyalties truly lie. Bran's group decides to split up. Daenerys plans an invasion of Yunkai.

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Blessing NinjaPirate

This episode was great. The Red Wedding was something I had heard whispers about, but watching the fall of Catelyn and Rob Stark really hurt me. I had become so attached to the characters and I've always rooted for Rob Stark. He was such a good guy! This show is truly AMAZING!

Blessing NinjaPirate @NinjaPirate_x - 23 Jan 2016


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When I read this part in the books, I highly anticipated the television showing. While they missed a huge amount of the scene, they definitely potrayed the brutality and betrayal I had read about previously.

Dave @MusingsOfDave - 17 Jan 2016


The red wedding will forever leave a mark in my soul...

Nomayer @nomzy_92 - 12 Dec 2015

Alex Holdstock

Possibly the most talked-about episode in the whole of the series. The wedding of Edmure Tully proved to be a real turning-point in the show, and the fallout from what happens in this episode lasts the next 2 or 3 seasons! A real 'jaw-dropping' moment in the show

Alex Holdstock @randomgeekydad - 02 Dec 2015