True Detective

True Detective - Season 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1Aired 12 Jan 2014

The Long Bright Dark



Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Potts


In 2012, former detective partners, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart recap one of their very first cases together involving a serial killer, back in 1995.

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Superb story writing but I would not compare this show to breaking bad as others have.

Rino Smith @smith_rino - 14 Feb 2016


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Jason Raine

Wow. One of the best premiere episodes I've seen ever. The setting and especially Woody Harrelsons acting is stellar. This is a great first episode to start of an amazing season.

Jason Raine @tesoraine - 12 Feb 2016


When I first saw that Matthew McConaughey was going to be in this series, I thought that it wasn't going to be anything to watch. After a few episodes, I certainly changed my mind. It seems this show has the right director, actors and plot line. I'd rate it above Game of Thrones.

Dave @MusingsOfDave - 17 Jan 2016

Mona LadyConsumer

Two very fine actors, and how their appearance differs from past to present - wow - just amazing... builds a lot of suspense wondering how they get from "there" to "here"

Mona LadyConsumer @LadyConsumer - 12 Jan 2016


Watched the first episode and I liked it, It was good seems like it could turn out to be the next breaking bad

SupremX8 @nathanielaxp - 22 Dec 2015