The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 6 - Episode 3

Episode 3Aired 25 Oct 2015

Episode 603



Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan


A return home doesn't go as expected.

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Matt Paolone

Yeah I thought this was the end for Glenn for sure. It is a tad unrealistic that he was able to slide under the dumpster and avoid all the walkers, however this series isn't for those who want realistic.

Matt Paolone @mjpaolonexx - 26 Apr 2016

Winston Bui

This was the episode that left me in shock. The episode cuts of a scene where Glenn (my favourite character) was cornered and it was thought that he was eaten alive and I was so devastated and I couldn't wait to watch the next episodes to see if my Glenn was still alive. In total the episode was great and shocking!

Winston Bui @FunnyGuy871 - 14 Jan 2016


Michonne should have kept the note! I liked that the scout group from Alexandria finally got a taste of what meant to have to leave when they had no choice. It puts them on the level with Rick and his group.

thebar @rpirriniii - 11 Nov 2015