The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Episode 2

Episode 2Aired 07 Nov 2010




Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden


Rick finds himself trapped with a group of survivors inside a department store that is surrounded by walkers.

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When this episode showed on tv, i really got into the show. Characters coming in play. Would watch this episode again!

Jethro Torres @rozetom - 06 Feb 2016


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Great episode this one shows how to really master how to take care of the walkers and glen was fantastic he's one of my favorites

Grey86 @Greyyyy86 - 04 Feb 2016

Winston Bui

This episode I think of was great. The episode nicely introduce some of the main characters in the show smoothly. This is where I found my love for Glenn. The episode showed off many skills of Glenn which just made me love him so much!

Winston Bui @FunnyGuy871 - 14 Jan 2016


This episode was the one which revealed the way to keep the walkers away. Rick and Glenn covered in dead shit to avoid walkers was the best part. Loved the idea.

Abhi @abhisubedi40 - 11 Jan 2016

Hannah Valore

This was the episode that got me hooked. It was amazing all of the suspense and watching the characters try to make it this new world.

Hannah Valore @AnaBea101 - 02 Jan 2016

Jeffie Pacton

I thought this was a pretty good episode early on to introduce all the characters that you meet. I like the different personalities everyone has, especially Glenn.

Jeffie Pacton @JeffiePacton - 15 Nov 2015