Suits - Season 5 - Episode 6

Episode 6Aired 29 Jul 2015




Christina Cole, Chris Payne Gilbert, Sarena Parmar, John Pyper-Ferguson


Reeling from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks, Harvey is forced to make a tough personal decision in a case that touches a nerve. Meanwhile, Mike and Louis have taken over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client, and must decide what to do when that client's demands go against his own best interests. And Donna tries to work her magic to make Rachel's dream wedding possible.

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Mona LadyConsumer

I wasn't thrilled with the whole "panic attack" angle, and the underlying reason was a lame reveal, in my opinion. Also, the wedding stuff is a bit slow. Prefer the focus on the lawyers, and their cases.

Mona LadyConsumer @LadyConsumer - 11 Jan 2016

Elleah Derksen

I was very glad when Dr. Agard finally got to the root cause of Harvey's panic attacks. My curiosity was finally satisfied!

Elleah Derksen @happysnappy16 - 04 Jan 2016

Party animal

Not really a fan of Solof, he seems like Louis 2.0 but I guess we'll get a sense of his true character before the end of the season. Once again Dominic Barone thinks he knows how to CEO but fails miserably.

Party animal @ilovescumbags - 16 Nov 2015