Suits - Season 5 - Episode 3

Episode 3Aired 08 Jul 2015

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Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle


Mike teams up with his future father-in-law after Jessica says no to his case. Meanwhile, Harvey uses Charles Barkley to retaliate against Jack Soloff, but the fight and another confrontation with Donna triggers another anxiety attack.

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Loved this episode so much happens and it leaves you on your toes I think my favorite part was the psych scene definitely very intence

Grey86 @Greyyyy86 - 04 Feb 2016

Mona LadyConsumer

Mike should know better than to go against Jessica... Ever. After all she's done for him, he should show more loyalty. Yes, I get why he did it, but he should have found some other way to hep those people - maybe get another lawyer / law firm involved, but not gone against Jessica.

Mona LadyConsumer @LadyConsumer - 11 Jan 2016

Party animal

I like the idea of them diving into Harvey's psyche to learn more about what drives him. The psychologist scenes are nothing short of amazing.

Party animal @ilovescumbags - 16 Nov 2015