Suits - Season 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1Aired 23 Jun 2011




Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle


A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate.

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Even the first episode was great. Harvey is so smart he can see right past the lack of a degree and realizes Mike will be good for the firm.

Tech&PhotoEssentials @TechPhotoBfalds - 23 Feb 2016


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This show is absolutely entertaining and hilarious. The USA network never disappoints. This came on one day after Sirens and I was hooked. I still have 2 more seasons before I am caught up

PrincessOfJan21 @TaneshaLeTia_ - 15 Feb 2016


Oh suit.... I so love this movie... It makes u believe u can achieve anything if u are determined.. I loved the scene of his interview.

alli @sexyfum - 20 Jan 2016

Elleah Derksen

I thought it was so interesting that they hired a genius who never went to law school! It definitely made me want to watch more episodes to find out what was going to happen!

Elleah Derksen @happysnappy16 - 04 Jan 2016


Not the greatest pilot, but had me hooked towards the end. Bringing in Mike's "special ability" in the middle of the episode was a great addition to the plot. It really had me wanting the next episode.

NavigoDesigns @NavigoDesigns - 14 Nov 2015