House of Cards

House of Cards - Season 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1Aired 01 Feb 2013

Chapter 1



Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll


Congressman Francis Underwood has been declined the chair for Secretary of State. He's now gathering his own team to plot his revenge. Zoe Barnes, a reporter for the Washington Herald, will do anything to get her big break.

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Hannah Valore

It was a great start. We got to see how well-suited the actors were for their roles and how ambitious Spacey's character would be.

Hannah Valore @AnaBea101 - 26 Apr 2016


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Jason Raine

Very good introduction, the pacing isn't too slow; a problem with many other TV shows. I was interested from the introduction of this episode. Spacey was made for this role.

Jason Raine @tesoraine - 04 Feb 2016


Slightly hard to follow if you aren't into the source material (my girlfriend found it very hard to watch) but the episode is a perfect introduction to Francis Underwood and his brewing ambition, which is almost a character unto itself. Masterfully directed by the unquestionable genius David Fincher, this pilot throws you head first into a series that is entertaining right from the get go.

SCRTWNDW @scrtwndw - 20 Jan 2016

My parents told that this show was a must watch, and after watching the first episode I can see why! Kevin Spacey makes this show awesome! He is a great actor and makes the show one you'll want to watch!

Alex Trial @Alextrial232 - 08 Jan 2016

After I saw this first episode, I knew HOC was going to be an amazing show. Kevin Spacey is edgy and entertaining, and the supporting cast really rounds out the show well.

Melonfolly @melonfolly - 09 Dec 2015